eSchoolView Event Registration
Event Registration enables parents and community members to register and pay for activities or events they want to attend. It can also send automatic email reminders and information to registrants.

Schools host a number of student, faculty and community events each year, so eSchoolView created an event registration component as an additional feature for their CMS. This software allows visitors to see a list of upcoming events and register for them.  It also collects names, addresses, organizations, phone numbers, emails and payment information (when applicable). This information is stored in a group, so you can later send group communications. eSchoolView’s event registration can help you improve participation at events and keep your event’s registration organized and accurate.

Consider the following applications for the Event Registration feature from eSchoolView:
  • Create online registration for sporting events, plays, concerts, awards ceremonies, graduations and other events, which cuts down on long lines at events and helps you gauge participation to plan for refreshments or space.

  • Send reminder emails to specific groups to inform them of changes or continue to publicize the event.

  • Using the stored information from previous events, send invitation and marketing emails to groups that attended similar events or the same event previously.

  • Enjoy full integration with the eSchoolView calendar, so there is no need to make changes in multiple places.

  • Imagine the time your staff could save if parents could schedule their own conferences with teachers and receive an automatic email reminder the week before.

  • Log professional development hours for the IPDP committee and generate automatic emails to participants with a CEU certificate attached.

  • Track and analyze the participation of specific events from year to year.
  • Priority One E-Rate eligible making it very affordable to your district.
Event Registration
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